{Homebrew Hangout}

(Crazy Jane - Doom Patrol Expansion)

"You all need more therapy than I do, and I’m the crazy one."

Don't worry about Jane

One of our favorite TV shows has been DC's Doom Patrol on HBO. In watching it, we realized that one of the show's main characters - Crazy Jane - wasn't part of the Doom Patrol team pack for Dice Masters, so we decided to fix that with this fan-made expansion.

Crazy Jane uses the same die as Typhoid Mary (IG). We felt the stats worked out nicely, the icon was fitting, and we liked the idea of using a crossover die for Jane.

We've also created a new mechanic to represent Jane's ever-shifting personality. Shown to the left, we named it "Unstable", and it lets you bring several version of Jane to every game of Dice Masters you play!

Let us know what you think!


Starting with the main-Jane herself, this version isn't much to work with on the surface; she can't even attack! However, her low cost and Aftershock ability can bring out some heavy hitters easier for you.

Dr. Harrison

A master of mind-control, Dr Harrison can manipulate anyone she encounters. This takes the form of swapping blockers around, and even Corrupting a player's dice bag when she's on her level 3 face.

Flaming Katy

Armed with pyrokinesis, Flaming Katy uses her powers to burn enemies to the ground. She can burn one target when she attacks, and on level 3 she also has the Breath Weapon ability.


With the ability to teleport, Flit allows Crazy Jane to skip right past blockers to sneak some damage in. When she hits level 3, she can even bring another attacker with her.


Ferocious and angry, Hammerhead trades out the subtlety of other forms for raw power, bringing a huge attack boost to all levels. At level 3, she can even Call Out specific enemies to bring the pain.

Lady Purple

Lady Purple has the ability to see the future, which we've used to give some strong bag manipulation. She lets you see into the future to guarantee a specific die comes out on your next turn - two dice if she's on level 3!

Lucy Fugue

With the ability to manipulate electricity, Lucy Fugue temporarily disables enemies that tangle with her - sometimes even stunning them when she attacks.

The Sin-eater

The Sin-Eater is Jane's line of defense when she's hurt, gaining power from being injured. She can regenerate, she gets stronger when she takes damage, and at level 3 she gains Deadly.