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(Firefly team pack)

Take me out to the black, tell them I ain't coming back.

You can't take the sky from me

We are huge fans of the show Firefly, and thought we'd try our hand at making a team pack. We've created two cards for each member of Serenity, plus a few actions and two BACs, to try and honor the crew and bring a little bit of the 'verse to your game table.

At the end, we've provided a list of proxy dice that match the stats and energy types for the cards so you can print them out and play with them at your kitchen table.

Let us know what you think!

Big Damn hero

One of the mechanics we love that we felt never got the attention it deserved is Heroic, and what better opportunity to reintroduce it than with the big damn heroes themselves? This is a pretty straightforward ability, granting a boost to himself and his partner.


If there's one thing we know about Mal, it's that his crew is his crew, and nobody messes with them. Despite his flaws, he will always put himself in harm's way to protect his people, and this card exemplifies that.

Big Damn hero

Long time friend of Mal, Zoe is as dangerous as she is beautiful. Years of military service has given her excellent marksmanship skills, and her Heroic ability brings Deadly to the table.


Frequently seen armed with her lever action rifle, Zoe makes quick work of immediate threats to keep the rest of the crew safe. When she enters the field, she's taking something out immediately.

Big Damn hero

Husband to Zoe, Hoban "Wash" Washburne is pilot to Serenity. Using his razor-sharp reflexes and talent behind the wheel, Wash gets the crew into - and out of - danger in an instant.

Leaf on the wind

Wash is a beloved part of the crew, and as such, they don't take kindly to those who hurt him. When he's KO'd, he deals damage based on how many crew members are active.

Big Damn hero

When the crew needs muscle, they know who to call. Jayne is not one to shy away from a fight, and he brings Overcrush to the team when he hits the field.

Hero of canton

Even when he's not paired up with his crewmates, Jayne is a force to be reckoned with, armed with Deadly and Regenerate.

Big Damn hero

The only person on Serenity that can be considered respectable in Alliance circles, Inara has the ability to flash her companion papers and get immediate access to anyone she wants to see.


As a registered companion, Inara is a woman of the people, trained to manipulate and coerce their whims to suit her needs. As such, she can seduce and coerce Sidekicks.

Big Damn hero

A man of the cloth, Book is there to watch after his flock and guide them to safety. He protects the crew and brings an air of reverence to the ship.


Book is also there to inspire the crew and provide moral support when necessary. To this end, he can spin the crew up levels to bring out stronger versions of themselves.

Big Damn hero

When the crew inevitably gets harmed during their antics, Simon is there to patch them up. He brings out Regenerate for himself and his partner.

Skilled Surgeon

Before finding himself on the run, stowed away on Serenity, Simon was on track to be a well-known surgeon with a brilliant career ahead of him. He brings those same skills to the crew, keeping them fighting when they would otherwise be put down.

Big Damn hero

Sister to Simon, River Tam is an enigma that the crew struggles to understand. Between moments of lucidity she suffers from psychotic episodes, but many of the crew look after her as a kid sister as well.

No power in the 'verse

During her moments of clarity, River has shown a high level of skill with weapons and hand-to-hand combat. To encapsulate this, we thought Call Out and Fast seemed fitting, letting her find a target and eliminate it.

Big Damn hero

Last but far from least we have the ship's mechanic, Kaylee. A whiz with machines, she can get any gadget working with almost supernatural talent, and can even explain it well enough for others to figure them out.

Heart of serenity

Vital to the proper functioning of Serenity, Kaylee seems to be able to fix nearly anything that goes wrong with little more than the tools she has on hand.


What's Firefly without the namesake ship? We opted to make Serenity a Continuous action die (which works well with Kaylee's Gadgeteer), with this version capable of digging through your bag to find the crew quickly.

She'll fool ya

Rather than sifting through your bag to find more crew members, this version provides a surgical precision to find exactly the crew member you need, right when you need it.


The crew of Serenity wants to live their lives free from Alliance interference, and to that end they take any jobs they can to make ends meet. Sometimes that means smuggling illicit goods for shady people.


Some jobs are less-illicit, and might simply involve transporting people from one planet to another. We felt a discount on purchasing and fielding people was fitting.

Aim to misbehave

We love BACs, so we wanted a couple fitting for the theme. Aim to Misbehave brings Call Out to your entire field for a turn, but with a risk: any that get KO'd are not sent to the Prep area that turn.


We wanted something that filled a little niche between other exiting effects like Candlekeep or Reclaim, and we settled on this effect for Shiny.

The proxy list

Malcolm Reynolds: Captain America (AoU)

Zoe Washburne: Pyro (UXM/XFC)

Hoban Washburne: Storm (AvX/UXM)

Jayne Cobb: Hulk (Thor), She-Hulk (UXM), Ultron (AoU)

Inara Serra: Psylocke (UXM/XFO), Ebony Maw (IG)

Derrial Book: Angel (AvX/UXM/XFC)

Simon Tam: Bucky (AoU), Chipmunk Hunk (Thor)

River Tam: Cheetah (JL), Hawkman (JL/Doom)

Kaylee Frye: Black Widow (AoU/IG)