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(Lovecraft Mythos team pack)

"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."

The Call of cthulhu

We are big fans of the works of HP Lovecraft - as well as those who have carried on his mythology over the decades - and it's an area not yet explored in the world of Dice Masters. So we set out to fix that!

At the end, we've provided a list of proxy dice that match the stats and energy types for the cards so you can print them out and play with them at your kitchen table.

Let us know what you think!


The first thing we've introduced is the "Cultist" affiliation, which is all about sacrificing themselves for greater power. This inexpensive character can't stick around for long, but is dirt cheap and puts a cultist into your Prep area.


Much like the cheaper version, this Cultist KO's its buddies to keep that Prep area full to feed larger purchases.


The pull of the Great Old Ones is strong, and with an Acolyte helping with the summoning ritual, cards like Blob: Appetite for Destruction won't be able to stop them from entering the field.


Now getting to the real sacrifices, this Acolyte sends your Cultists (including itself if necessary) to the Used pile in order to heavily discount the Great Old Ones and bring them out early.


Cultists are known for their ritual magic as well, and this Sorcerer is no different. By sacrificing a cultist, he can remove a problematic card straight to Used, bypassing the Prep area entirely.


Also helping to reach for the larger characters, this sorcerer lets you kill off your cultists to discount the next die you purchase.


Even above the sorcerers, the high priests are the pinnacle of Cultist activity. Not only does it help set up purchases with the Impulse ability, it can even send itself and another die back to the card to really eliminate problems.


Rather than eliminating a problem, this high priest just takes control of it. As long as you can keep both dice in the field, you can permanently steal a character from your opponent.

Screeching BEast

Moving beyond cultists, we've entered the realm of the Hastur affiliation. It carries one character through unblocked, and brings a risky global ability that can pay off big with the right timing.

Winged Horror

With the same global as before, this Byakhee trades the damage pushing ability for the ability to flood the field with more horrible beasts.

Innsmouth Native

Moving on to the Cthulhu affiliation, this Deep One brings with it the Gate keyword, letting you bring them out quickly. It also has a global ability to help get its friends into combat in a hurry!

Unnatural Breeding

Bearing the same global ability, this version of Deep One does a bit of unsavory activity with Sidekicks, making hybrid creatures that are much more dangerous.

Faceless One

Nyarlathotep is known to wear many masks and take many forms, as represented in its affiliated characters. This version sends characters straight to Used, and has a global to KO a couple dice off the board.

Floating Horror

Like his other mask, this version brings that powerful KO global. It also helps force unfavorable blocks by changing the rules on how your opponent can declare their blockers.

Formless Protoplasm

These shapeshifting monsters have a unique ability to copy all sorts of different abilities, so long as the characters are cheaper. It also brings back the Corrupt mechanic for a little bit of bag manipulation fun.


This version has the same global ability, but this time instead of copying triggered abilities, it copies the A and D of a chosen card, potentially making for a huge character!

The King in yellow

Introducing our first Great Old One: Hastur! The Great Old One ability makes these characters cheaper for cultists in your field (though they don't like to stay there), and this version has the potential to send a bunch of dice back to their cards!


This version of Hastur retains that ability to send characters fleeing back to their cards, but trades the massive removal ability for the potential for huge attack boosts.

Him who lies dreaming

Next up is Cthulhu himself, who builds in strength as his followers are sacrificed in his name. Keep churning them away and making him bigger!

The Sleeper of R'lyeh

Also strengthened by his followers, this version instead hurts your opponent by keeping a legion of cultists in the field!

The Crawling Chaos

Nyarlathotep brings a lot of power to the table, while also taking out several smaller characters or even some of the largest characters in the game!

The Haunter in the Dark

A little bit different with this version, you can abuse your cultists' need to be sacrificed to help keep your opponent's board clear as well.

The Gate and the key

We went way outside the box for Yog-Sothoth, using an action die to represent the character. His stats are all equal to the number of bursts on each face, and he can't attack, block, or be KO'd. However while he is around, he replaces your draws with searching your bag and Used for that many dice!

Opener of the way

This time rather than letting you find any dice you want, Yog-Sothoth makes all your dice cheaper to field and purchase, letting you start flooding your board with loads of dice.

The proxy list

Cult Neophyte: Alfred Pennyworth (WF)

Cult Acolyte: Mastermind (XMF)

Cult Sorcerer: Elf Wizard (BFF), Dwarf Wizard (FUS), Vajra (AiW), Manshoon (ZHN)

Cult High Priest: Scarlet Witch (UXM/DrS/XFC)

Byakhee: Killer Croc (BAT)

Deep One: Green Dragon (BFF)

Mask: Cyborg (JL)

Shoggoth: Kree Soldier (KI)

Hastur: Cloak (ASM)

Cthulhu: Mind Flayer (BFF), Nihiloor (TiW)

Nyarlathotep: Doctor Strange (AvX, AI, IG)

Yog-Sothoth: Eye of Agamotto (DrS), any mask action die